I asked a question eariler that seems to have been accidentially delated from this page, so I will ask it again only slightly differently this time. That is, since Asian cultures as a whole seem to be cultures of Sexual extremes. Countries like Japan, India, the middle east seem to be either sexually repressed , or sexual activity is alot less than in the western world, that’s why the virginity rate might be alot higher there or people lose their virginities there much later in life than here, or the other extreme are cultures like, Thiland, the Phillipines,Figi, Maliasia, South Korea, Cambodia, and to a lesser extent China, where women in these places are very sexually active like women in South American countries where everyone is having sex from a very young age. The question was, how does culture very so much in sexual activity and sexual standards? I mean what do these sexually active cultures have that the others don’t that make them that way? I mean maybe they have alot more beautiful women, but that doesn’t mean that these other countries like Japan don’t have beautiful Asian women too. The common denominator here is that they are all Asian cultures, and I know in some of these sexually inactive Asian cultures the women are treated badly by the men or in the worst cases like Islamic countries treated like animals with no human rights or equality, that must play a heavy role in the sexual activity being low, but the real question here is, or should be, how are the women teated so great in those other countries that cause them to want to be so sexually active,and how does the difference in their lives affect their hormones and sex drive differently?